Infographic : KPI’s for the water industry – Is Customer Effort Score the best measure for predicting loyalty?


Future Thinking write ... We recently launched the Services Benchmarking Study, designed to help marketers across a range of industries better understand their sector across a variety of metrics; including overall customer satisfaction, NPS and Customer Effort.

Our study highlights that for the water industry, perceptions of value and likely customer advocacy are amongst the lowest levels across the range of service sectors we have covered, despite an inability to switch providers at the moment.

3 ways to engage generation Y as part of your 2016 venue marketing plan


It’s that time of year again when we take a step back, make the most of that lovely lull we tend to enjoy in January and February, and start devising a marketing plan for the next 12 months. For venues; taking a look at the successes and pitfalls of the previous year, is often a good way to start as well as knowing your venue USP’s and when the busier periods tend to occur at your venue.

Also key, is knowing your target audience. While generalising target audiences is often not advised, it is often necessary in targeting key personas. Arguably most of today’s workforce will be fall into the generational category of ‘generation y’.

So here are a few of our top tips to include generation y personas in your venue marketing plans for 2016.

#1 engage the appy customer

Excuse the well-penned pun. Even if your audience don’t fall into generation Y- most of the UK population own a smart phone if not an iPhone and the influx of marketing opportunities cropping up as a result of new app technologies is undeniable. According to Time Magazine; Facebook, Instagram and Youtube all featured in the top ten most downloaded apps of 2015. 

I’ve recently become a bit of an Instagram addict and I think it can be a really useful tool to jazz up your venue social media content. For more tips on how to do this- check out our Social media for venues: Why Instagram is your new best friend

#2 Focus on audience engagement

The issue of audience engagement was a key theme in 2015 and is set to remain a key topic this year. There are a number of audience engagement technologies designed to help event organisers achieve and maximise the participation of event attendees and delegates. If you haven’t already, this year is a great time to partner with one of these tech companies, or simply select some preferred suppliers to help with audience engagement. 

Offering the right tech to help engage conference delegates could really help to position you as a generation y-friendly venue.

#3 embrace gamification

The gaming trend is increasing in popularity and many have predicted it’s set to be a key theme in the industry in 2016. Finding ways to encourage the combination of work and play at your venue may just help you to be at the top of your game. Be it with a new teambuilding package, a virtual reality aspect or a hashtag competition on twitter, finding ways to add a competitive gamification element to the conferences and events at your venue.

For more tips on how to engage generation y check out Technology in the events industry: keeping-up with Generation Y

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Case Study : "48 hour turn around sees TV ad airing in London, Meridian and Granada ITV region"

VCCP Media Uses Real-time Google Data for New Sambucol Campaign

Last night, people watching the ad break between the ITV News and Emmerdale in the London, Meridian and Granada ITV region will have seen the Sambucol (an immunity booster used to combat the common cold and part of the Pharmacare product range) TV ad.  

Why? -  because VCCP Media knew they needed a boost to their immune system more than any other regions in the UK right now.

The reason they know this is because since October of last year, VCCP Media @VCCPMedia have been monitoring the volume of Google keyword searches by ITV region for things like “cold remedy”, and for the past few days these regions have seen daily searches rise considerably above the average.

The strategy for Sambucol is to up-weight ITV regions in real-time based on volume of cold/flu related keyword searches.  The insight being that although people suffering from the common cold is seasonal (i.e. more colds in winter), cold/flu outbreaks fluctuate over time and region meaning that just laying down 100% of your TV spend across the UK and praying for an outbreak is not the most efficient use of budget.

To maximise the TV plan, VCCP Media have allocated a pot of money to be used to make the most of these outbreaks and because their TV team can get the ads away in a matter of days in large ITV spots, they are able to react to outbreaks very quickly in order to drive Sambucol ROI.

Tom Bailey, Group Account Director at VCCP Media said:99 “I think this may well be a media first, so we’re really proud of the work done by everyone in getting this live. With a two-day turnaround and on three large spots across three large ITV regions – this is a huge feat for the team”.

Research : TheMarketingblog was named as one of the Top 25 UK Blogs by @NinjaOutreach

Our primary source for finding UK blogs comes from our tool, Ninja Outreach.

We can put in UK blogs as a keyword and find thousands of results. We sorted these results by domain authority to find the top ranking ones. Following that, we individually went to each website to confirm that it was up to date and relevant.


Just under 1 in 5 looking to reduce alcohol consumption following Government announcement of new alcohol guidelines ... Future Thinking, Toluna

Guidelines issued by the Government on Friday 8th January 2016 state that men and women should consume no more than 14 units of alcohol per week. The guideline also state that people should have alcohol free days each week and avoid heavy drinking sessions.

The announcement reflects new medical advice highlighting links between alcohol and illnesses including, cancer and heart disease. The new 14 point limit is the point where there would appear to be an increased risk of dying from alcohol related issues.

Future Thinking, the business intelligence research consultancy and Toluna carried out a survey on 12th & 13th January and analysed the results of over 1800 respondents across the UK, asking whether the new advice would impact on their alcohol intake.

New from Giant iTab : How to perfectly showcase your company, your brand and all your digital content from one single device .. video


The stunning 'viewpoint' smartphone & tablet solution is now available in a range of sizes to suit any application or budget. 

Configured exactly as the hand-held device you use every day, the Giant 'viewpoint' model is available worldwide to hire & to buy in Giant iPhone, iPad and Giant Android smartphone & tablet versions. 

Able to run any content including Mobile Apps, these beautiful touchscreens have proven a major success in a range of applications including exhibition stands, gaming consoles, banks, retail stores, corporate offices, education and training centre's and anywhere where quality presentation is required. 

The familiar smartphone 'look and feel' delivers guaranteed 'wow factor' and customer engagement due to its instantly recognisable format & ease of use. In addition, the beautiful design and build quality of the 'viewpoint' model offers a premium solution to perfectly showcase your company, your brand and all your digital content from one single device.

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Gamification : The race between console and mobile games in 2015 and beyond

What mobile games lack in finesse in the control department, they make up in accessibility. The fact that the number of smartphone users continues to grow by staggering amounts each year accounts for the massive growth in mobile games – almost certainly the sector with the biggest percentage increase in year-over-year growth when all is tallied. 

Long gone are the cheap flash cash-ins that filled the seminal charts of Android’s the App Store’s top games list in the early days of the smartphone gaming.

What are the needs and expectations of Baby Boomers (50-70 years) in the UK, France, Spain and Germany? ... Seniosphere Conseil & Future Thinking


Business intelligence specialist Future Thinking is launching the results of Ageing Well, an insight into the attitudes and behaviours of the baby boomers generation.

The online study, in conjunction with marketing consultancy Seniosphere Conseil, focusses on the attitudes of 1,600 50-70 year old respondents and was carried out across the UK, France, Germany and Spain. It looked to understand key areas of the ageing process including: what do people do to age well, where they get advice, physical and mental wellbeing and spending priorities.