Here’s Why the Tech Scene in the UK is Disappearing into Private Hands

Here’s Why the Tech Scene in the UK is Disappearing into Private Hands

The UK tech sector appears to be disappearing. Research has been done and it has shown that it is now transferring to private hands. A number of companies have been quoted as saying that private money is now snapping up any undervalued cash businesses. Businesses are also struggling to stay afloat and when you look at things from this point of view, you will soon find that it’s a tough situation to say the least. Take a look at Thoma Bravo for example. They happened to buy out the cybersecurity specialist known as Sophos.

The UK Tech Scene is Growing

Even though more and more businesses are starting up and being sold to private hands, that doesn’t mean that the market is taking a downward turn. In fact, things are now moving forward more than ever before. Businesses are experiencing more and more success, and this is especially the case when you look at the casino industry. Online casinos are now opening up across the world and this is because there is a demand. People would much prefer to go online rather than venture down to their local traditional casino. Sure, this is just one example, but it really does show how far things have come in recent years, and it also shows that the tech market is growing more than ever before.

Stock Market

As mentioned above, there has been a lot of growth in the tech industry. That being said, things aren’t so evident on the stock market. Only last week, a UK business known as Sophos departed the public market in favour of private capital. They were bought out by a US private equity firm and this is showing a shift in the balance of power. Things like this have been going on for over a decade and it’s not just the UK that is suffering. European investors are also buying out diminishing options. Brands such as Misys, CSR, Logica and more have all departed from the FTSE index and this is especially the case when you look at the biggest 250 companies in the UK. The 2016 sale of Arm Holdings is quite possibly the biggest tech movement to date. They were sold to SoftBank in Japan in an attempt to gain private equity. With this, they could then pick off tons of other smaller businesses.

Of course, it looks like things are changing but could it end up being a good thing? Only time will tell but so far it looks as though the tech industry is in fact thriving. The problem is that there seems to be a success cap. Businesses need to sell to private equity firms in order to break through and achieve a good return, and if this carries on, there is no telling how things could look in the future. That being said, it’s certainly an interesting point to think about and it’s exciting to see how things could be developing for the industry.


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What Are the Benefits of Using Short Domain Names?

Benefits Of Choosing A Short Domain Name

You must first have an URL associated with your website before you can do anything with it. Nobody can reach your website without using a URL. Fortunately, domain names are generally not expensive. However, one of the most common domain tips to find and use the shortest one possible. Nearly all top websites on the Internet use short names and for good reason. Furthermore, shorter domains tend to cost more too.

What Are the Benefits of Using Short Domain Names?

Long domain names can be hard to type, recall, spell, or even say, unless they have a clear meaning, such as, for instance. The problem is that there isn’t any set boundary for what counts as “too long”. If you have shortness in mind, it is highly likely that you will avoid choosing a needlessly long domain. Sometimes the meaning of a domain gets lost in a longer domain name. A more concise domain name will help you get your identity and point across. The most popular trend in recent years is using short brandable names with a hint of desired feel or relevance. The shorter attention spans have shifted the focus to conciseness and shortness in numerous areas.

Short company names help convey more authority and this refers to generic domain names, where the generally short top-tier domains, convey massive authority. People type in those URLs with an expectation of finding what they are searching for on a website they can trust. A spammy website is highly unlikely to pay more for registration of their domain name, so higher quality yields more trust. The longer the domain is the more the typos. Shorter names are not necessarily easier to spell or type, but fewer letters means less chances for typos. Typos might not appear to be something to be concerned about, but collectively, they have the potential to siphon a sizeable portion of traffic that you otherwise should be receiving.

More benefits, shorter domain names tend to be more versatile when it comes to branding. Websites with longer domain names show either the full name in text, -0000, or simply a logo, which does nothing to help visitors remember the name or an abbreviation, which can mean losing traffic to an abbreviation domain. If you have a short name, you have more opportunities for creative branding available to you. Part of the reason why social media platforms primarily use short names is for the word of mouth potential. In general, the longer a domain name is, the lower the chances of someone repeating it to a friend. If you look at the “household names” i.e. brands so universal that people talk about them constantly, you will discover that most are short with only a very small minority being long. Numerous companies use acronyms and abbreviations for this reason. People often don’t have an idea of what an acronym means, even though it is a household name. For instance, GEICO being Government Employees Insurance Company, and BP being British Petroleum.

Yahoo!, Bing, Google, and other search engines prefer using simple, easy to recall URLs that deliver what they promise. URLS filled with jargon, special codes, or item numbers can actually hurt the ranking for a specific page because a simple URL is a lot easier to read and recall than a complex one. URLs that are clear and easy to recall at a glance are more likely to be clicked on compared to complex ones. In addition, URLs with clear keywords provided as links on the homepage can provide an SEO boost since it contains anchor text. Essentially, the greatest SEO benefits you will derive from a clearer and shorter URL are a reduced bounce rate and an increased click rate. User experience is also important and affects SEO in a greater way than you might expect.

A short domain name is easier for mobile users to type, and realizing just how popular mobile web navigation currently is, you need to keep these users in mind. Apps may handle a lot of navigation, but if mobile users see URLs somewhere, they still have to type them in. Typing on mobile devices is not as easy as doing it on laptops and desktops, which is why you need to ensure that it is as convenient as possible for users to type in your URL. In addition, a shorter domain name provides more versatility when it comes to designing mobile websites, since it is easier to fit on a smaller screen.

Reasons for unsuccessful performance in the English Premier League

First Results of English Premier League

In the new season of the championship of England, fans have already seen quite a few unexpected results. One of the main disappointments at this stage is Manchester United, that not only does not fight for the first place, but also runs the risk of being kicked out of the Champions League altogether.

The reason for the unsuccessful performance is a whole bunch of factors, some of them were obvious already in summer. Thus, they include:

  1. Lack of good defense players. The defense line of the Red Devils consists of Lindelof and Jones, who regularly scores to their own goal. As a result, even one of the best goalkeepers in the world, David De Gea, can do nothing in this situations.

  2. Bad shape of some leaders. After the World Cup, Pogba and Lukaku were noticeably tired, and so far they have not demonstrated their full potential.

  3. Unsuccessful coaching decisions of Mourinho. It seems that the Portuguese has largely exhausted himself in the United, because he often makes the same type of substitutions. For example, he fielded Fellaini counting on high balls and the Belgian performance at the «second floor».