Future Thinking Research : iHUT and the increasingly important role of behavioural economics within innovation, NPD and brand research

Identifying unmet consumer needs or a gap in the market and creating the perfect product may be what we all aspire to, but the reality is usually a little less perfect.

Innovation can come from the need to use existing capabilities or utilising new technologies. Marketers however, have the potentially time consuming and costly challenge of “reverse engineering” the proposition; by retrospectively developing a game changing product that will capture the hearts and minds of the target audience.

Exclusive : 'In Her Shoes' - our first film by Contented Brands features Camilla Honey of JFDI

'In Her Shoes' a film by Contented Brands from Contented Brands on Vimeo.

Our first exclusive film by Contented Brands features Camilla Honey of JFDI

Apparently, almost half of women who work in the marketing industry have reported sexism at some point. According to a recent marketing study by Drum

Here is the first video (In Her Shoes) of a series which will be seen in theMarketingblog over the next few months. In these on-line interviews, with high profile women within the marketing industry, our interviewees will be asked if they feel ‘sexism in the workplace’ has held them back’?  

These films will feature women who are business owners, who head up brands and who also work for large agencies.

If this series of videos captures your imagination talk with us about potential sponsorship. 

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B2B Marketers You need a 'result driven weekly newsletter' which fills up your sales funnel

The best way for you and your team to write new business - The Content Creation Sales Leads Opportunity

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Which business/marketing bloggers have the most influence in the UK with marketing managers/teams?

Please can you help? 

Do you have any research / answers about Which business/marketing bloggers have the most influence in the UK with marketing managers/teams?

If so will you please use the comments box below to get it through to us.

We would also welcome your experiences, thoughts,comments etc.

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Not just content as usual - but 'fresh' rolling news, article, success stories created specifically for your company in the form of a bespoke blog or newsletter

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Balancing Optimization and Web Development

Kevin Eichelberger, founder and CEO of Blue Acorn, says that optimization is not given enough weight in design and development. He notes that in many companies today, optimization is done after the fact, when ideally, optimization techniques should be incorporated throughout the decision-making process. Read more...

What’s makes for a Successful Exhibition? / Jon Davey

Great content attracting the right exhibitors and attendees - that is what makes the difference between an OK exhibition & a really successful event.

So you’ve got great content planned for your event. With this new resource from theMarketingblog you could add specially created exhibitor case studies and speaker’s papers to your website, blogs, social media etc. and transform the event into an even more successful one

The Very Best of the Marketingblog has been included in the Top 25 Tumblr Marketing Blogs

Tumblr has more than 185 million blogs on its platform. Looking at the massive community of users sharing photos, memes, reviews, and videos, it comes as no surprise the microblogging platform has come this far. For much of the Internet’s existence, we’ve received purely long-form content. With the advent of Tumblr, and similar services, we’re able to absorb and share information faster than ever before! Look at theMarketingblog

The inbound marketing world is a huge place, and we think that collecting the best Tumblr blogs on the subject will do wonders for our audience. For this reason, we’ve collected the top 25 Tumblr marketing blogs for your viewing pleasure.