What’s makes for a Successful Exhibition? / Jon Davey

Great content attracting the right exhibitors and attendees - that is what makes the difference between an OK exhibition & a really successful event.

So you’ve got great content planned for your event. With this new resource from theMarketingblog you could add specially created exhibitor case studies and speaker’s papers to your website, blogs, social media etc. and transform the event into an even more successful one

That’s what TheMarketingblog brings with its marketing channels created and developed over the last 12 years

With over 25,000 unique visitors a month theMarketingblog is fed by Will’s hunger for content. It is then shared via social media channels Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Scoop.it and of course Facebook.  Will looks to make content available through social media channels but his primary aim is to bring them back to theMarketingblog to digest more

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An added bonus theMarketingblog’s email newsletter goes out to over 30,000 readers 3 times a week, enabling viewers to digest the latest stories almost in real time…

With adtech London and Internet Retailing moving into their 6th & 7th years of regular investment in TheMarketingblog this is the proof that the ROI is there and continues to be there..

You’d best take a look at these prices and decide how much effort you’d like Will to put into your conference/ exhibition to make it so much better than last year?

 12 unique articles and ongoing promotion – only £1495

20 unique articles and ongoing promotion – only £1995

30 unique articles and ongoing promotion – only £2495

 If you’d like Will to produce the right sort of content or better still, engage with your exhibitors and extract case studies etc. from them which gets topped & tailed around your event call him now 01784 434 412

As Will says “Great writing is like the weather: Everybody wants to be a better writer, but nobody wants to do anything about it. Well, put down your umbrella and turn your face to the sun, because it’s time to change all that.”

TheMarketingblog Content Strategy Plan makes your prospect stop... read... think... behave... differently with articles, news stories, case studies etc. which are specifically designed to walk up and down the mind of the reader. Face the sun.

Get your articles etc, loaded - call Will Corry 01784 434 412

 Thank you.

 Jon Davey  


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