Research : Cost of Christmas gift giving nears £25 billion ... RadiumOne

Britons are planning a £24.4 billion Christmas gift shopping spree, with 760.4 million* gifts set to be shared on the big day

According to new research from marketing technology experts RadiumOne, 98% of people over 16 years of age will give Christmas presents this year, spending on average £489.04.

The most generous gift givers are 25-34 year olds (averaging £665) and those living in London (£767), while, regionally, people in Yorkshire & the Humber will spend the least (£378). People earning at least £80,000 a year will spend £1,608 on presents compared to £329 by those earning under £20,000. Top Graphic by Shutterstock

Bespoke Newsletter Free Trial : How to reach B2B prospects, influencers and buyers on a regular basis and entertain them at the individual level

Have you ever considered setting up a bespoke newsletter for your material which you could send to prospects on a regular basis?

You can have a newsletter similar to this for your operation.

     A constantly updated review of the latest articles in your sector including your own material. 

  • You can use it as very powerful, totally up to date newsletter. A real winner.
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“Content is king.” – Bill Gates

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The other huge advantage of this idea is - your outlay will be very reasonable.How does only £285 per issue (monthly) sound? You can have a weekly bespoke newsletter for only £175 per issue.

Newslettered is flexible. Use it in short bursts for events, product launches etc.

Building a bespoke newsletter for you through engaging content – Will Corry, the UK Content Curator + Great Brand Journalism. 
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Tesco is the UK’s least favourite grocer, a new survey has found.

Tesco is the UK’s least favourite grocer, a new survey has found.

In the latest blow to the troubled supermarket, Tesco ranked at the bottom of a list of eight grocery chains that included, in ascending order, the Co-operative, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose in the top spot.

The consumer insights firm Market Force Information asked 6,800 British shoppers about their purchasing habits and compiled a loyalty score for each supermarket brand based on customers’ satisfaction and their likelihood to refer that store to others.

adconnection - the latest campaign for Maplin across TV and digital

Taking advantage of latest changes in viewing habits, adconnection has planned a fully integrated, cross-channel campaign that moves Maplin to all aspects of TV, AV and digital. In addition, through the use of extremely granular targeting of Maplin’s niche target audiences adconnection can massively reduce wastage even across multiple channels.
Alongside a first night TV roadblock and high profile spots within key ad breaks, this year’s campaign is going one step further to incorporate a number of ground-breaking video and digital formats.
The campaign will run on TV catch-up sites such as All4 (previously 4OD) and Demand 5, Sky adsmart to target relevant audiences with a frequency cap, as well as on other online video platforms. This will include in content video ads and interactive pre roll ads in which viewers will have the opportunity to select one of three Maplin ads to watch.
Henry Swift, Head of Marketing at Maplin, had this to say of the campaign: ‘With consumers increasingly watching TV & video content across a range of devices it was important to build a campaign which reflected this. By moving from a TV led to a fully Audio Visual strategy means we can tell the Maplin ‘story’ in a variety of ways and tailor content to a relevant audience’.
Dan Grossman, Account Director at adconnection “We’re looking forward to building on our successes with Maplin from last year’s TV campaigns. Key to our strategy for this year is implementing a fully integrated multi-channel campaign to amplify the effect of our TV spots. Harnessing new media technology and video formats, along with harmonised social media, gives us the opportunity to reach our audience across multiple devices in a highly targeted and efficient way”.
TV advertising, supported by a full suite of harmonised digital activity, will launch on May 3rd.
Anything you'd like to discuss? Get in touch on

Need to know news - Google's algorithm change : adconnection


As of tomorrow, 21st April, Google will be rolling out a significant mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, expected to be complete within a week.

The algorithm, which has been referred to as ‘mobilegeddon' amongst webmasters and SEOs, is predicted to have a major impact on mobile search results.

How will it work?

This algorithm will label sites as being mobile-friendly and use this information to determine where a site should rank in the search results.

Statements from Google indicate that it will be an on or off algorithm, this means that websites will simply be labelled as being mobile friendly or not.

It will be run on a page-by-page basis. If a site is 12 pages with 6 pages that are mobile friendly and six that are not, only pages that are mobile-friendly will benefit.

Where mobile usability is a particular concern or if you are looking for advice on how to test the algorithms for your site, adconnection's digital team can put together a report on potential mobile-usability issues. We can also outline what can be done to fix these issues by accessing the site's Google Webmaster Tools account.


From a media perspective, the benefits of mobile advertising on a mobile-friendly site or app are clear. Ad viewability will surge as mobile-friendly companies climb the search rankings and those companies without a good mobile site will suffer.

The rise of mobile and mobile advertising has placed increasing pressure on brands to make their sites more mobile-friendly. Google's new algorithm will encourage those brands yet to crack mobile to now make it a priority or else see their search rankings deplete in the face of their mobile-savvy competitors.

For more information on the above, and to ensure your site is mobile-friendly and Google optimised for SEO and PPC, contact our Digital Performance Manager, Dan Harrington. 

Twin Design /

Two of the best travel PR stunts of the year so far - Sally Durcan, Hotcow

How do travel PR stunts help travel companies sell vacations? With the evenings getting lighter and the trees blossoming, it’s safe to say that spring is definitely in the air, which means that summer is just around the corner. And summer means holidays!

As travel companies gear up for the holiday season, there is a lot of competition to grab consumer’s attention – and many brands have turned to wacky PR stunts to promote their deals.

With this in mind, let’s look at two of the best travel PR stunts of the year so far:

For the first time, more than half of all digital advertising will be on mobile devices / eMarketer

eMarketer: Mobile Ad Spending to Top $100 Billion Worldwide in 2016

The worldwide mobile advertising market will hit two significant milestones in 2016, according to new figures from eMarketer, surpassing $100 billion and accounting for more than 50% of all digital ads for the first time.

The $101.37 billion to be spent on ads served to mobile phones and tablets worldwide next year represents a more than 400% increase from 2013. Between 2016 and 2019, the last year in our forecast, mobile ads will nearly double again, totaling $195.55 billion. That figure will account for 70.1% of all digital advertising as well as more than one-quarter of total media ad spending worldwide.

For more information, please visit eMarketer's Interactive Guide to Worldwide Ad Spending, where you can compare and contrast statistics on traditional, digital and mobile ad spending for all 22 countries included in our estimates.

International Events - Reaching a global audience with InternetRetailing Media's exclusive new partnership with Clarion Events

InternetRetailing Partners with Clarion to Fast-Track International Expansion

Today, on the final day of IRX 2015, InternetRetailing Media announces an exclusive new partnership with leading global event organisers Clarion Events. The collaboration will see the award-winning InternetRetailing event series expand overseas.

Clarion operates over 200 events in 35 countries from offices in the USA, Germany, Brazil, Singapore, UAE, Turkey, Netherlands, South Africa and the UK. It has an impressive portfolio of retail, payments, gaming and transport trade shows attracting thousands of specialist online businesses every year. With internationalisation intrinsic to the multichannel retail industry, Clarion’s network and extensive reach will provide a platform for a successful partnership.

InternetRetailing Expo (IRX) / 25 March 2015 - A drone will be carrying an Apple Watch, IRX Express - let the train take the strain, IRUK Top500, IREU 'footprint'

Ian Jindal writes .. InternetRetailing Expo (IRX) is a fortnight away.  I wanted to highlight three reasons to be with us on the first day, 25 March.

Remember, registering is free (visit and during the process you'll be able to select meetings, workshops, grab your free train tickets and register your colleagues.

Three activities on 25 March are:

- Drone Delivery Demonstration, including the chance to win the first drone-delivered Apple Watch...
- IRX Express - the free networking, breakfast-serving, day-planning, convenient executive train for Top500 delegates
- the reveal of the European Top500 footprint - IREU - at 4.15pm in Theatre 1.


Drones - so hyped, so nearly 'now', so many considerations... We'll all have pondered them in theory, but few of us (whether pro or anti) have had a chance to play with one. Fear not - don the mirrored Aviator sunnies and meet our qualified pilot who'll put a drone through its paces in this CAA-sanctioned demonstration.

Best of all the drone will be carrying an Apple Watch, and one lucky visitor will be its new owner (thanks to the kindness of our sponsor, Scurri).

How to win? Just register at and keep your fingers crossed
How to watch? You'll get details of the flight times by email, but they'll be on the morning of 25 March

Further info here:

IRX EXPRESS - let the train take the strain.

We have hired a train carriage on Virgin Trains to transport delegates from the Top 500 retailers in the UK, allowing them to network with other retailers during the 70 minute journey. We will also be transporting people back to London after the cocktail party on the first day and again just before show close on the second day.

Guests will not be required to pay for travel on the IRX Express but tickets restricted to employees of the Top 500 Retailers – subject to availability.

Plan your day, debrief and share afterwards. Simple


25 March 2015 at 09.03am London Euston – Birmingham International
25 March 2015 at 18.20pm Birmingham International – London Euston
26 March 2015 at 09.03am London Euston – Birmingham International
26 March 2015 at 16.00pm Birmingham International – London Euston

Full information when you register or here:


Following the enthusiastic reception of the IRUK Top500 ( we will unveil at the show the workings for the IREU 'footprint' - selecting the 800 or so 'heftiest' multichannel retailers in Europe, from whom the Top500 will be selected and ranked.

At this intimate and conversational session - 4.15pm in Theatre 1 - we'll explain our approach and then lead a discussion on how to assess the capability and performance of retailers across the 34 countries we've included. for more information. Free to attend.

I look forward to seeing you and your colleagues at IRX. As ever if you've any questions, suggestions or requests to make this a better use of your time please just let me know. Our whole team will be at IRX and the sole shared objective is to make it a valuable use of your time.

Ian Jindal

Co-Founder and Editor in Chief


Exclusive : 'In Her Shoes' - our first film by Contented Brands features Camilla Honey of JFDI

'In Her Shoes' a film by Contented Brands from Contented Brands on Vimeo.

Our first exclusive film by Contented Brands features Camilla Honey of JFDI

Apparently, almost half of women who work in the marketing industry have reported sexism at some point. According to a recent marketing study by Drum

Here is the first video (In Her Shoes) of a series which will be seen in theMarketingblog over the next few months. In these on-line interviews, with high profile women within the marketing industry, our interviewees will be asked if they feel ‘sexism in the workplace’ has held them back’?  

These films will feature women who are business owners, who head up brands and who also work for large agencies.

If this series of videos captures your imagination talk with us about potential sponsorship. 

Call Alex Gulland on 07765 404 404 or Will Corry 01784 434 412