You might be shocked to hear that on average only 40-50% of sales leads are even contacted by the business receiving the lead!

You might be shocked to hear that on average only 40-50% of sales leads are even contacted by the business receiving the lead!

In an earlier post we talked about using online forms as a tool for generating sales leads and today we’re talking about what should be done with those leads once they’ve been collected. Online forms and surveys can provide lots of qualified leads in a relatively short period of time so it baffles me as to why a business wouldn’t at least try to find out whether they’ve got a golden opportunity amongst that data.

When it comes to following up leads, we’ve come up with a few top tips to guarantee optimum success:

Fresh Marketing News May 2014

From Nominations are now open for the Social Enterprise Wales Awards. The Awards are designed to recognise the innovation, inspiration and

The how to: Academy provides compact courses for people who think big

How To Academy

The how to: Academy provides compact courses for people who think big. Whether you want to build a bicycle in a morning, make a movie in a weekend, master James Joyce or start an on-line business, we have the expert who can make it happen.

We run day workshops, evening events, midnight master-classes, business breakfasts, dinner-debates, weekend courses, three-month writing groups and stream many of our sessions on-line. For those who need more, the how to: Academynever sleeps.

Media planning and buying agency, Arena, has won the £2m Canti media account

Arena @ArenaMediaUK  will begin working with the Italian prosecco brand immediately, focusing on media planning and buying across TV and VOD. This is the first time Canti will advertise on TV in the UK, having first entered the UK market in 2002.

Developed by one of the leading family-run wineries in Italy – Fratelli Martini Secondo Luigi S.p.A. – Canti is among the world’s premier prosecco brands. It distributes to over 50 countries worldwide.

Women for Women : "Her pregnancy was high-risk and stressful, just as her firm was taking off and her earliest investments were scaling dramatically"

Women control 80% of household spending and so it's insane she is almost always in low-level secretarial and other supporting roles at vc firms. 

 “When I want to do something, forget convention, I’m going to find a way to do it.”

Well, yes.

Officially, Kirsten Green is on “maternity leave.” Which is to say, she’s talking to me from her home, holding her baby, while her team waits in the next room to catch her up on what she missed while giving birth.

The fact that Green takes an unconventional approach to maternity leave isn’t surprising. By this point, I’ve spent weeks interviewing Green, her peers in the industry, institutions who invested in her venture fund, and companies she’s in turn invested in. The one thing everyone agrees on is that Kirsten Green is not your typical venture capitalist.

In an era where operational experience, the cult of the founder, big loud personal brands, and “The Hacker Way” are everything, Green is decidedly low-profile. She has never built a company, and she isn’t an engineer. She’s never been on the board of a giant like Google, Facebook, Apple, or eBay. In fact, Green has never even worked at a tech company.

Best stunts and campaigns / Five ghostly Miss Havishams appeared in Tube carriages  

In a stunt to promote an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations (being shown on TV channel Drama this Bank Holiday weekend) five ghostly Miss Havishams appeared in Tube carriages and on London buses this morning.