Tribute to David Pinnington of OMG

One year on from the sad and untimely death of David Pinnington of Omnicom Media Group (OMG) to cancer, a team of former colleagues and friends are setting off on an epic 300 mile cycle ride in his name.  Cycling from Land’s End to London to raise money for the Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital seems a fitting tribute for David – known as Dave or Pinners to most –who was totally fanatical about sport, both at work and play.

Daniel Weisbeck, Netbiscuits / "Knowing your mobile visitors better can help identify reasons for abandonment and high conversion groups to target"

Netbiscuits have released its quarterly web trends report analysing user behaviour on the mobile web across 242 countries.

@Netbiscuits discovered over 4,000 unique devices, across more than 200 vendors and 26 operating systems, an increase of 8% unique mobile handsets and 30% more tablets compared to 3 months ago.

Using the data, Netbiscuits was able to group together factors, such as screen size and speed of connectivity against the proportion of web traffic to build up a picture of how these characteristics impact user engagement globally. This data is used to create personas which segment users based on their behaviour, which is hugely important for mobile marketers trying to engage with customers and gain a better understanding of how to improve conversion via mobile devices.

The Very Best of the Marketingblog has been included in the Top 25 Tumblr Marketing Blogs

Tumblr has more than 185 million blogs on its platform. Looking at the massive community of users sharing photos, memes, reviews, and videos, it comes as no surprise the microblogging platform has come this far. For much of the Internet’s existence, we’ve received purely long-form content. With the advent of Tumblr, and similar services, we’re able to absorb and share information faster than ever before! Look at theMarketingblog

The inbound marketing world is a huge place, and we think that collecting the best Tumblr blogs on the subject will do wonders for our audience. For this reason, we’ve collected the top 25 Tumblr marketing blogs for your viewing pleasure.

Video : Learn more about 'How the World Works'

On Sunday 11th May, the world’s number one jobsite worldwide launched its multi-million pound global brand campaign in the UK. The campaign will be rolled out to other markets, including the US, later this year. It marks a milestone in Indeed’s evolution, which has grown organically since its launch in 2004 with no traditional marketing spend, due to its “Google search model” for job listings. Watch the ad.

User engagement./ Content marketing teams are looking for better methods to track engagement on social media - here's one answer

With more than 300 million usersLinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing social networks. Yet for many people, LinkedIn functions mainly as a digital résumé. The platform has the numbers, but now it’s turning its focus toward user engagement.

Simultaneously, content marketing teams are looking for better methods to track engagement on social media.

The Content Marketing Institute reports that 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing, but only 42% believe they’re effective at it. Brands are often unclear about who their audience is, what’s valuable to them, and how to deliver that value consistently.

They’re also tracking data that isn’t actually relevant. “Likes,” clicks, and favorites aren’t indicators of genuine engagement — especially for B2B brands.