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[Watch] ....What sends shivers down the spine of football players and fans alike? - "Hotcow Special Article"

The Champions League anthem has become one of football’s most iconic pieces of music. It sends shivers down the spine of players and fans alike, before Europe’s finest do battle.

To celebrate its official partnership with the UEFA Champions League, Walkers Crisps recently unleashed a ‘Choir of Champions’ on the streets of three European cities, to get fans #GameReady for the defining stages of the competition.

In a very clever and feel-good guerrilla marketing stunt, a series of impromptu renditions of the classic tune were performed on buses, streets, and city squares, by the Choir of Champions – who were out in full force in Madrid, Munich and London.

Multi-city stunts

Walkers’ long-standing brand ambassador, Gary Lineker, was involved in the guerrilla campaign. To kick-start the day, the football pundit took to the London skies in a fully kitted out helicopter, which blasted out the tune to commuters below.

The helicopter landed at London’s O2 Arena, where Londoners were also given a live rendition on the ground.

In addition, commuters on a London bus were shocked when members of the choir began to sing a live operatic version of the anthem, while swinging scarves – much to the delight of the driver.

In Munich, a human statue street performer – covered from head to toe in silver paint, played the role of conductor as he led a choir in a flash mob rendition of the theme tune, in Munich’s busy Marienplatz square.

And in Madrid, a classic Spanish kiosk was secretly transformed to surprise customers as they approached. It blasted out the unmistakable anthem whilst showering them with ticker tape and glitter.

Of course, the funny sequence of events, and the reactions of those caught off guard were captured on hidden cameras, CCTV and mobile phones in each city. You can check out an edited version here.

Guerrilla greatness

The stunt was used to create a positive buzz around the Champions League, by creating spontaneous moments of fun across the streets of Europe.

This campaign had a real feel-good feeling about it – the joy of the music and surprise made people happy. This is significant, because, happiness makes us want to share. And this extends to social media sharing – the above video has been viewed 864,056 times in 6 days on YouTube.

Don’t underestimate the power of happiness!

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3 of the biggest digital shopper marketing trends that are dominating the online environment ... Sally Durcan, Hotcow

Shopper marketing has seen a sea change over the past few years, as the digital age has put consumers in the driving seat. 

Digital tools such as ecommerce, smart phones and social media have given us the freedom to shop where, when and how we choose. 

The competitive prices, along with the convenience of online shopping – (particularly the lack of queues!) means that an ever increasing number of us are choosing to do our shopping from our sofas.

With this in mind, let’s look at three of the biggest digital shopper marketing trends that are dominating the online environment:

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Talk to Mums : An affordable approach to targeting ABC mums in London this summer

How you can target mums this summer?

Talk to Mums create fun and interactive ways for brands to talk to mums offline and online.
Our "60 Days of Summer Live Sampling" campaign talks to ABC1 mums across inner and outer London regions.
We tap into our network of over 2 million mums and invite them to sample or experience your brand from the Talk to Mums experiential vehicle.
Brands can utilise the vehicle for 1 day or 1 week - it offers complete flexibility and affordability to suit every brand including ambient, hot and cold products.
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Sally Durcan

Mums doing what they do best – TALKING (Blog Brunch Event)



They love talking and sharing new information. This was the case at the recent Talk to Mums blog brunch in London at Bloomsbury House on Friday, 24th April where an intimate and personal networking session was held to bring mums and brands together face to face.

This invaluable face time enables everyone to understand each other goals and work out a way in which they can work together to deliver better online content and communication.

Over 4 hours the program interspersed between live speakers and 1 to 1 conversations giving everyone a good mix of talk time and listening time. Each brand had 5 minutes to disseminated 1 or 2 key messages to mums and excite them to come over to their stands and engage in a longer dialogue.

The brands in the room all represented health or happiness, with a diverse mix of brands to give variety to the digital mums in the room. Many of the bloggers attending where their in an editorial capacity to find new information to share with their readers and to develop relationships with brands and products they love and want to talk about.

Talk to Mums helps brands talk to mums offline to create better content and conversations online.

Our mission is to get mums and brands across Britain talking more. We offer consultancy, product trial, a calendar of events and a range of bespoke services. Get in touch with

Two of the best travel PR stunts of the year so far - Sally Durcan, Hotcow

How do travel PR stunts help travel companies sell vacations? With the evenings getting lighter and the trees blossoming, it’s safe to say that spring is definitely in the air, which means that summer is just around the corner. And summer means holidays!

As travel companies gear up for the holiday season, there is a lot of competition to grab consumer’s attention – and many brands have turned to wacky PR stunts to promote their deals.

With this in mind, let’s look at two of the best travel PR stunts of the year so far: