Which are the best and least effective conversion channels?

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Using data from hundreds of B2B organisations, this infographic from Implicit offers insight into just how effective common sales channels are; considering both their overall conversion success, and providing a closer look into specifics such as conversion rate from lead stage to deal (close), lead to opportunity, opportunity to deal stage, and listing the overall time it takes each channel to typically convert.

So which are the best and least effective conversion channels? Which should your sales strategy prioritise (and at which funnel stage) in 2015? 

Here’s a direct look at the stats:

What are the most effective ways of driving traffic and site conversions?

Because even if you have created the best product since sliced bread or a service that would knock the socks off the Dragon’s Den panel, no one will know about it unless you sell it.

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Olympic “sharing-fest” to be a goldmine for marketers

Samsung, Omega and Panasonic the most reliant Olympic partners on Dark Social sharing
 Six-in-10 Britons interested in the Olympics will share content online about it – according to research from marketing technology experts RadiumOne, which reveals the what, how and how much of sharing content around the 2016 games in Rio.

Over four-in-10 (43%) of these sharers will share Olympic content on a daily basis during the games. One-third of sharers say the Olympics means they’ll share more content then they’d normally do over a two-week period.

Smartphones (42% of sharers) will be the most popular device for sharing Olympic content, followed by laptops (35%) and tablets (25%).

“The sharing-fest that is the Olympics is a goldmine for marketers to tap into consumer interest, particularly as the games are on a non-commercial TV channel,” says Craig Tuck, RadiumOne’s UK managing director. “Sharing content online indicates a strong degree of interest among those sharing plus the additional layer of people they identify as also being interested in that content.”

Why you are now saying "goodbye forever" to more than 70% of your online visitors

How to double your web conversions using customer friendly lead capture forms

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