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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the LinkedIn communications you receive?... Christine Hueber

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Overwhelmed by all the LinkedIn communications you receive?

You’re not alone…trust me!  And the good news is that it’s changing.  According to LinkedIn, they are now sending 50% fewer emails than they were a few months ago.   Here’s what else is new…

A new LinkedIn communications platform for email, notifications, mobile and SMS has been developed.

It’s called Air Traffic Controller and has been designed so you receive only what you want to read.

How Does The New LinkedIn Communications Platform Work?

Air Traffic Controller (ATC) uses learning algorithms to determine the right amount, right frequency, right time, right content and right channel…for you…based on your LinkedIn communications activity.

For example, in the past, you received an email for every connection invite. Now, if you receive a handful of connection invites in a short period of time, the LinkedIn communications ATC platform will automatically roll them up into a single email.


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