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Justin Anderson Directs Erotic (NSFW) Piece Funded by Amex, Mac and British Fashion Council

Director/video artist Justin Anderson is known for his sexy and often quite eerie fashion films, like "Fleurs du Mal" for Agent Provocateur, which featured scantily-clad S&M stalkers preying on a a lonely lady. His latest erotic move is "Jumper," an artsy, sensual film for British designer Jonathan Saunders, created out of U.K. production company/creative boutique Bold. The protagonists are a stylish upper-middle-class family of four, whose lives are thrown slightly off-kilter by a mysterious man who just stands there, completely nude, as they go about their dinner. It becames apparent throughout that the stranger has seductive sway over every one of them, instilling in each feelings of lust, guilt and more.