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“We have submitted a talk for SXSW conference and we need your vote TODAY to get in” / Dan Machen and Felix Morgan, HeyHuman

Dan Machen (pictured) & Felix Morgan, Innovators at Hey Human, have proposed a talk on this topic for SXSW 2015: 

'Neuroplasticity and Technology: Why Brands Must Change.'

"Consulting with neuroscience experts from around the world, we will explore the critical challenge we face as marketers in the digital age - whether technology empowers existing behaviours in positive new ways, or is actually causing a negative revolution in the way we react, recall and respond."

The deadline to support this talk is Sept 5th 2014! PLEASE register and click here now to vote and share this link:

If the Brain Has Changed, Our Game Can't Remain the Same : 5 Ways Brands Must Change

As ad agency innovator types, we keep coming up against a familiar pushback: 'There's no such thing as new human behaviours; it's just old behaviours expressed in new ways through technology.' This makes logical sense to me - there's just one problem: deep down I no longer believe it. My disquiet has grown so much that I've pitched to speak at SXSW - March's giant tech/innovation conference - to try to get closer to the bottom of this. (Enlisting some friendly neighbourhood neuroscientists. As you do.)