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Daytime Event, 9:30am-5:30pm
how to: Make the Perfect Presentation
with Neil Chalmers

It’s not always what you say but more often how you say it…

How often have you or a colleague you know well made a successful presentation one day and the next day made a complete mess of the same material? If your delivery of presentations however formal or informal is all too often variable, or even uniformly poor don’t despair, help is at hand. A day spent with Neil learning how to get your message across effectively as well as stamping your personality on your presentations could dramatically improve your performance not just occasionally but every time.

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27.09.2014 - 28.09.2014
Daytime Event, 10:00am-5:00pm both days
how to: Read Tolstoy
with Rosamund Bartlett

“If life could write, it would write like Tolstoy” wrote Isaac Babel. Universally regarded as the greatest writer of Russian fiction, Leo Tolstoy is the only author with two works regularly featuring in lists of the top ten novels of all time. This weekend course, led by Rosamund Bartlett, biographer and translator of Tolstoy, invites you to immerse yourself in both of them. We will explore the whole of Tolstoy’s long career as a prose writer, but the focus will be on War and Peace and Anna Karenina, the novels which represent the summit of his creative achievement, and rank amongst the greatest monuments of world literature. Whether you participate in one or both days of the course is your choice....

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Evening Event, 6:30pm-8:00pm
how to: Be Mindful (Introductory Workshop)
with Louise Chester

A small shift in your thinking can have a major effect on your life.

Mindfulness is the smart new way to live. In the workplace it helps you build teamwork, enhance creativity and communication, and resolve conflict. In private life, it helps you to forget the fears of the past and future, and focus completely on the present and its potential. Being Mindful means making every moment count.

This workshop is for those who have little personal or practical knowledge of Mindfulness. Louise Chester will help you understand...

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Evening Event, 7:00pm-8:00pm
how to: Be Happy, or What You Want (Performed by Paul McGann and Pip Torrens)
with Constantine Phipps, Paul McGann, Pip Torrens

What You Want is a dazzlingly original verse-novel about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Patrick is an ordinary man in free-fall. Following an overdose, he returns in a dream to the past: his marriage, his love of music, his inspirations and his infidelities. Employing the wisdom and guidance of luminaries including Dante, Freud, and Thomas Jefferson, Patrick explores the abiding question: How should we live?...

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Weekend Event, 10am-5pm
how to: Read Ulysses
with Colin MacCabe

Ulysses uses one day in the life of Dublin to reflect on the whole of Western culture and society. We invite you to spend a one day in your life reflecting on Ulysses, the most influential, and difficult, novel ever written. Under the guidance of Colin MacCabe, one of the world’s leading Joyce experts, you will enter into the world of Dublin on June 16th 1904 chapter by chapter, and hour by hour.

You will also look at the contexts of Ulysses: the Dublin of the Gaelic revival; pre-First World War Trieste; Zurich as a haven from the butchery of the First World War; the Paris of entre deux guerres...

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Evening Event, 6:30pm-7:45pm
how to: Understand Lawrence of Arabia
with Anthony Sattin

Who was the mysterious young archeologist who became known as Lawrence of Arabia? And why did he, one hundred years ago, burn the first manuscript of his great epic, Seven Pillars of Wisdom? What was the story he wanted to conceal from the world?

In what promises to be a riveting event, the acclaimed biographer and travel writer, Anthony Sattin, will uncover the truth about T E Lawrence. To celebrate the launch of his much anticipated new book, Sattin will discuss the secret behind Lawrence’s birth, his tortuous relationship with his dominant...

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Lunchtime Event, 12:45pm - 1:45pm
how to: The Marshmallow Test: Understanding self-control and how to master it.
with Walter Mischel

A LUNCHTIME TALK from Walter Mischel, one of the World’s most influential psychologists and inventor of the original 1960s marshmallow experiments.

” A child is presented with a marshmallow and given a choice: eat this one now, or wait and enjoy two later. What will she do? How will she resist? And how does her ultimate choice shed light on the kind of adult she’ll eventually become? “

The marshmallow studies have proven to predict –to a surprising degree –a child’s chances for future success....

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Evening Event, 6:45pm-8:00pm
how to: An Evening Masterclass in Film
with Colin MacCabe

An evening masterclass on some of the greatest moments in world cinema, explaining in close-up what makes each clip so perfect. The shot, the cut, the grammar of film: this unique take on the finest of all modern entertainments will be essential viewing.

Film is the greatest of contemporary arts and, even in the digital age, our most popular source of entertainment. Since the end of the First World War it has provided our most important fictions, about individuals and society, as well as faithfully documenting our...

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Evening Event, 6:30pm-7:50pm
how to: An Evening with Michael Sandel
with Michael J. Sandel

This is an unmissable opportunity to hear the world famous philosopher Michael Sandel address the outstanding question of our age: how do we want to live together?

He has been called ‘the most effective communicator of ideas’ in English, our most ‘relevant living philosopher’, a ‘genius’, a humanitarian, who can has taken philosophy into the global public domain and empowered audiences worldwide to participate in the highest quality of debate. His Harvard ‘Justice’ course has become legendary. In Britain, BBC R4 audiences will know him as The Public Philosopher....

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Evening Event, 6:30pm-7:45pm
how to: Understand Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity
with Pedro G. Ferreira

Albert Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity is possibly the most perfect intellectual achievement in modern physics. Anything that involves gravity, the force that powers everything on the largest, hottest or densest of scales, can be explained by it.

From the moment Einstein first proposed the theory in 1915, it was received with enthusiasm yet also with tremendous resistance, and for the following ninety years was the source of a series of feuds, vendettas, ideological battles and international collaborations featuring a colourful cast of characters....

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4th November at 7pm
Conway Hall
5x15: An evening with Atul Gawande
with Atul Gawande and Will Self

This year's Reith Lecturer, the acclaimed American surgeon, writer and public health researcher, Atul Gawande joins Will Self in a conversation about the themes of his new book - Being Mortal: Ageing, Illness, Medicine and What Matters in the End. Will Self is the author of among other titles How the Dead Live.

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