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Help commemorate the deaths of Andy Murray and Harry Styles, WWI soldiers


The Royal British Legion is using recognizable names to promote its campaign to honor every Commonwealth serviceman who died in WWI.

It's not the Andy Murray who won the 2013 Wimbledon title, it's the one who died in 1915. That name, along with Harry Styles, Tom Jones, Alex Ferguson and Gordon Brown are famous in the U.K. and around the world, but they also share the monikers with the fallen fighters of the First World War. 

The Royal British Legion and agency RKCR/Y&R are using these coincidental circumstances to help promote an online campaign to commemorate each and every of the more than million Commonwealth serviceman who died as a result of WWI.


SME's / How to earn customer loyalty


Five tips to create the kind of friendly, honest, service-oriented business that will keep customers coming back


Loyalty really comes down to this: giving people a reason to shop at your business, rather than going across town or hopping online and spending their money at a larger, better-known company. Most often, people go out of their way to patronize small companies because they know and like the people there and enjoy the shopping experience.


Another one bites the dust : M&S loses top-ranking board member Jan du Plessis to SABMiller


Senior non-executive director Jan du Plessis yesterday quit his job at the high street giant to take up the position of chairman at Peroni brewer SABMiller.


Jan du Plessis - A hard hitter, he was seen as a steadying force on the retailer’s board, and one of the men best able to hold to account chief executive Marc Bolland, under whom M&S has encountered mixed fortunes. Although its food business has grown strongly, the Dutchman has failed to turn around its clothing division and presided over 12 quarters of falling sales in its non-food general merchandise division.

Cristiano Ronaldo in the most bizarre endorsement deal ad


There shouldn't be enough money in the world to get someone to do this.

Look, we all know sometimes athletes make strange endorsement choices.Scooters, car dealerships, roomy toe areas, it's obvious the pros are just getting a pay day. 

But even in the jaded light of blatant consumerism, this Japanese ad for a company called Pao starring Cristiano Ronaldo stands out.


Women for Women : The global business of sartorial slumming


Middle-class kids spend billions to project street cred. The upshot is a pair of jeans, pummeled by a lion or tiger, with a four-digit price tag.

It now appears, according to an article on the British Web site the Conversation, that jeans savaged by wild animals are a trend in designer sportswear. 

A Japanese denim brand had the bright idea, at least for raising its profile, of sewing indigo-dyed cotton fabric around rimless tires, sausage-shaped bolsters, and fat rubber balls, and throwing the objects to the inmates of the Kamine Zoo, in Hitachi City. In an accompanying video, the beasts bound from their cages and fall upon their novel chew toys with such relish that you have to wonder if there isn’t a little catnip involved. 

The scene reminded me of toddlers on Christmas morning, tumbling down the stairs, unable to contain their excitement, and tearing into the neatly wrapped parcels under the tree.


Rory McIlroy spends time with fan at Louisville gas station


Rory McIlroy (28237), PGA Championship, PGA TOUR


Campbell left impressed with McIlroy, concluding the blog by saying: “He’s the #1 golfer in the world and more importantly a fine young man. Those two don’t always go together. He could have easily ignored us and we would have understood — after all, he is trying to win a major championship. 

 But he didn’t ignore us because he has character and recognizes the importance and his responsibility as an ambassador of the game. He took just a minute of his time to create an experience that we won’t forget. The man is one of the best drivers in golf, drives his own car and was going to pump his own gas. 

And he’s even driving on the wrong side of the road compared to how he learned to drive in Northern Ireland. Success has not gone to his head, and I hope that it never does. If he keeps his feet on the ground, it’s hard to say how much of his potential that he will achieve.”