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This sweet video of people dancing naked in public will charm your pants off

Who feels like getting naked and dancing through the strees of Los Angeles? Wait, don't answer until you've watched this.

In a charming (and essentially safe for work) video promo for its upcoming reality series Dating Naked, VH1 and agency Mistress filmed a diverse mix of people whirling and waltzing around a small crowd of onlookers in L.A. to the tune of "I'm Just Wild About Harry."

The result is a one-take clip free of the kind of sleazy sexualization we usually see in nudity-based ads. It feels instead like a warm-hearted celebration of dropping inhibitions (and trousers) in the name of self-expression.

It's also timed to correspond with National Nude Day, which I'm told is today. (Sorry, France, here in America the Bastille is a distant second to bare buttocks.)

Hopefully that tone will carry through to the Dating Naked series, in which participants go through the typical courtship rituals with strangers—except, as you could guess, they're nude.