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Events : Are you are a busy midlife business owner who feels disheartened by your blog’s lack of readers?

Are you are a busy midlife business owner who feels disheartened by your blog’s lack of readers?

Are you wondering how you can share your expertise with a wider audience in a way that feels true to you?

Would you like to learn more about blogging and social media – in a way that suits you?

Brown blog laptopWe are three professional businesswomen, Ute Wieczorek-King, Jean Wolfe and Alice Elliott, who are combining our business coaching, marketing and blogging expertise, together with our experience in training in blogging.

Together we have created a complimentary one-week blogging e-course for you called “The Essential Mindset: Prepare to Share”, that will teach you some simple steps you can implement right away.

Our course will also help you to lay a solid foundation for all your online activities. It can be used as a stand-alone course or as part of our full 4-week coaching programme “Attract Readers; Gain Impact”which we are launching this spring.

Here is what you will learn in just one week:

  1. How to define what blogging success means to you
  2. How to apply the sharing mindset within blogging
  3. How to create space for your blog in every aspect
  4. How to get your blog to work harder for you and your business
  5. How to effectively begin promoting your blog

Join us if you would like to adopt the right mindset and focus, be able to create time for your blog and get it to perform better.

How does it work?

When we carried out a survey last year, we learned that most of you wanted to know how to get your blog noticed more. We have now created learning material that answers your most pressing questions, both in this one-week course as well as our full course.

You will receive a daily email lesson with no more than three easy actions for you to complete. You can work through our material in your own time when it suits you.

“The Essential Mindset: Prepare to Share” is a fun and friendly and jargon-free course that will help you to maintain your standards. By following our simple but straightforward action advice you will ‘light up’ your blog and start raising your profile online in just one week.

Who are we?

Ute Wieczorek-KingUte Wieczorek-KingSuccess Network, is an experienced UK-based German business owner, coach, trainer and mentor who started blogging in 2008. She didn’t find it easy at first, especially as she doesn’t write in her native language. However she approached blogging believing the new ‘social world’ is about building genuine relationships with people rather than manipulating new technology for business gain. She has written several e-books and 100s of blog posts, and guest blogs for The Huffington Post and Prowess 2.0.

“It was really helpful getting Ute’s support for the blog series I was working on. Receiving practical tips and feedback moves you forward which is particularly useful when you can’t see the things that may be blatantly obvious to others.” Doreen Gowing, Hypnotherapist

Jean WolfeJean WolfeCreative Spark Communications, is an established marketer, writer and radio broadcaster. Jean’s skills include helping women to speak up for their way of doing business, both on the radio and the Internet. She is fascinated by the fact that blogging is often more enjoyable than writing a website, and feels this is a more authentic way to market a business. She has been a teacher, publicist for book authors, and marketed and sold solar electric products internationally.

“Jean gives you the courage to break boundaries in both business and personal arenas, which allows for real freedom and expression.” Janie Grover, Brunel University

Alice ElliottAlice ElliottFairy Blog Mother, has been blogging for 10 years and is a WordPress trainer specialising in teaching beginners and post-beginners. She is well known for “explaining things really simply” through her highly visual e-courses that provide foundational blogging tuition from Level 0. She is self-taught, and it was through her experiences of having very little help to fathom the technical side of blogging that inspired her to create the Fairy Blog Mother. Last year she won an award at the National UK Blog Awards, and regularly guest writes for many established blogs.

“Alice Elliott (Fairy Blog Mother) is one of those rare people who can explain a paragraph of complex technical data in one brief English sentence.” Jo Sandelson, Heir Raising blog

When will this course happen?

We have chosen two weeks to deliver the course: Monday 19 – Friday 23 January or Monday 26 – Friday 30 January 2015. 

Choose which week is best for you (each week is the same course):

Yes Im interested in 19 January    Yes Im interested in 26 January

Signing up to our complimentary e-course will be a perfect opportunity to try our friendly, practical and jargon-free approach. You won’t have anything to lose, and you will gain a lot of valuable information that you can start implementing on your blog straight away.