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Need to know news - Google's algorithm change : adconnection


As of tomorrow, 21st April, Google will be rolling out a significant mobile-friendly ranking algorithm, expected to be complete within a week.

The algorithm, which has been referred to as ‘mobilegeddon' amongst webmasters and SEOs, is predicted to have a major impact on mobile search results.

How will it work?

This algorithm will label sites as being mobile-friendly and use this information to determine where a site should rank in the search results.

Statements from Google indicate that it will be an on or off algorithm, this means that websites will simply be labelled as being mobile friendly or not.

It will be run on a page-by-page basis. If a site is 12 pages with 6 pages that are mobile friendly and six that are not, only pages that are mobile-friendly will benefit.

Where mobile usability is a particular concern or if you are looking for advice on how to test the algorithms for your site, adconnection's digital team can put together a report on potential mobile-usability issues. We can also outline what can be done to fix these issues by accessing the site's Google Webmaster Tools account.


From a media perspective, the benefits of mobile advertising on a mobile-friendly site or app are clear. Ad viewability will surge as mobile-friendly companies climb the search rankings and those companies without a good mobile site will suffer.

The rise of mobile and mobile advertising has placed increasing pressure on brands to make their sites more mobile-friendly. Google's new algorithm will encourage those brands yet to crack mobile to now make it a priority or else see their search rankings deplete in the face of their mobile-savvy competitors.

For more information on the above, and to ensure your site is mobile-friendly and Google optimised for SEO and PPC, contact our Digital Performance Manager, Dan Harrington. 

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