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Research : 71% of businesses said they thought new technologies such as high-definition video meetings were preferable to audio conferencing / RingCentral HD Video Meetings

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We recently conducted a research study with YouGov to understand more about how UK organisations meet to do business. The research timed in with our UK launch of RingCentral HD Video Meetings , and we were curious to know the trends surrounding face to face, audio and video meetings. What we found was quite interesting!

While businesses enjoyed meeting face to face, 66% said that travel time was an inhibitor and 50% said that in-person meetings were a cost disadvantage.  According to 32% of respondents, a lot of time is lost on small-talk or over-run meetings.

Audio conferencing  is very time and cost efficient so it’s not surprising that 60% prefer to organise a conference call.  Not surprisingly, 34% of businesses said it was much easier to bring together geographically dispersed individuals with conferencing.  While audio conferences can be very effective, it’s not easy to tell if participants are always paying full attention. Nearly a fifth of those surveyed admitted they have taken calls in odd situations such as: while in pyjamas, outdoors or even in the bathroom.