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Tokyo,  January 2015: Technology has always changed how marketing works. What is current will no longer be trending in the future. 

So what will be the next? Here is a prediction created by ad:tech, and supervised by winners of ad:tech tokyo 2015 Attendees Choice Award: Speakers, Daisuke Tomozawa and Mike Homma.


1.    Fisicusm: The combination of actual equipment and digital software will be new trends. Companies such as Yahoo! are expected to be a major player.

2.    EC Ecosystem: Major FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) such as KAO will have their own specialized EC stores.

3.    Digital Marketing: the future of digital marketing will be focused on Europe and Asia’s digital marketing

4.    Prosperity of innovative events: marketing events such as dmexco and ad:tech will reach new heights of prosperity.

5.    “Digital” will be gone. : Needles to say, digital is going away, and it will gone soon.

6.    Automation: Automation, which is combined with workflow, will be mainstream in a post-programmatic era. Marketing Automation will infiltrate not only B2B marketing, but also B2C with DMP (Data Management Platform) Brands will face a challenge of adapting Automation Programmatic. It is crucial for them to organise a team to survive this period.

7.    Rich Design & Creative as a Strategic Weapon: Consumer experience will be shifted from buying products to buying context. Thus, companies will be required to shit to focus on creating richer Content, Communication, and Context.   

8.    It’s time for “Real”: There will be more demand for Real Time and O2O to interact and engage with users.

9.    Orchestration: A major challenge for marketers today is the coordination and integration of the "right" content to the "right" target. Since Orchestration provides solution for their difficulties and allows them to provide highly personalized experience to their customers, this will be one of the major models.

10.  In-House: In-House Marketing is no longer just about “cheap” and “fast”. It plays important and strategic role. Companies will have more control over creative process. Also, the team will be organised with those who are more familiar with the industry.


Profile:  Masato Taketomi

Masato Taketomi is Representative Director and President of dmg::event Japan.  He launched ad:tech in Japan in 2008 with his over 20 years of experiences in strategic and tactical marketing. He is specialized in online media planning, conference & event, and brand building.


Daisuke Tomozawa

As a Vice President at major IT company, he has great experience in Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI and advertising revenue. He developed new marketing strategy and operating systems, especially in advertising department. He spoken at ad:tech tokyo, kansai, and kyushu. He also won Attendees Choice Award: Speaker at ad:tech.


Mike Homma

Mike Homma serves as a leader of a Web communication technical group at major Japanese consumer goods company. He started his career at lab, where he grew his interest in web servers. He is a pioneer who set up the first web server for the company. He is now in charge of the planning and proposal of new Web communications programs, as well as deployment of these to overseas locations.  He talked at ad:tech tokyo, kansai, and Kyushu. He also won Attendees Choice Award.


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