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Exponential and Moat partner globally to address ad viewability

Addresses rising trend of non-viewable ads in programmatic era and aims to encourage brands to shift more spend from TV 

Digital advertising company, Exponential Interactive, has entered into a global partnership with analytics firm Moat to address the issue of ads not being seen, by only charging advertisers for ads that are viewable according to the IAB definition*.

Moat – accredited for Display and Video Viewability measurement by the US’ Media Rating Council (MRC) and certified by ABC in the UK – will enable advertisers to see viewability levels for Exponential’s VDX video ad formats.

In its most recent Benchmarks release, Moat revealed that just 56% of video ads it measures globally were viewable in Q2 2015, according to the IAB definition, while it was just 52% for display ads.

“Viewability is one of the biggest issues facing marketers today as an ad that does not have the opportunity to be seen has very little value.” said Jonah Goodhart, Moat’s Co-Founder and CEO. “Working with Exponential will help drive a much needed shift to a world where viewable-impressions are the basic standard.”

Exponential’s VDX (Video Driven Experiences) works across desktop, smartphone and tablet and the viewability guarantee is being offered through Exponential’s vCPME hybrid pricing model, combining CPM (cost per thousand) and CPE (cost per engagement). It charges a CPM price for the number of viewable impressions and then automatically moves to a CPE model if people engage with the ad, such as rolling over for 3 seconds.

“Offering 100% viewability goes way beyond the IAB US’ recommendation that an advertiser should pay for all campaign impressions as long as just 70% are deemed viewable,” said Doug Conely, Exponential’s chief strategy officer. “Video is playing a massive role in consumer engagement, thus offering 100% viewability through an adaptable pricing model will help encourage more brands to shift spend from TV to online video.”

*For in-stream videos, 50% of pixels must be in view for 2 continuous seconds. For display ads, 50% of pixels in view for 1 continuous second.

Exponential launch range of new video ad formats to drive online video spend

“The key to successful video advertising is not thinking about it like TV advertising”

Marketers now have access to a new range of highly engaging video ad formats to harness the growing popularity of online video across different devices, courtesy of Exponential Interactive, the global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions.

All three new units are perfected video ad formats that expand when a viewer interacts with them. ‘Blaze’ is an expandable ‘billboard’ video format, ‘Ad Engage’ expands within in-stream video players, and ‘Video Snackbar’ is an expandable ad for mobile devices.

The units come from Exponential’s video and mobile audience engagement divisions Firefly Video, Adotube and Appsnack, respectively.

“The key to successful video advertising is not thinking about it like TV advertising, which the industry seems intent on moving towards. In fact, these new units are what video advertising should have been if it hadn't been invented more than 50 years ago,” says Doug Conely, Exponential’s chief strategy officer.