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‘The SEO secret sauce to international success’ / Oban Digital at ad:tech London


Oban Digital’s channel manager Hayley Phoenix-Stones and head of SEO Emily Mace will be speaking at this year’s Ad:tech, London. Titled ‘The SEO secret sauce to international success’, Hayley and Emily will discuss the importance of International SEO for businesses hoping to expand into foreign markets and improve performance. 

Join Oban’s speaker session on 22nd October in the Seminar Theatre 1 at 11:20am as we talk you through how finding out about your local market needs can take your business that extra mile.

The Oban team will also exhibiting at stand 411, come and say hi and hear how we can help you grow globally.

When it comes to keyword research, it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that tools will do the job of brains. Let’s clear that out from the outset: they won’t. Tools are only as good as their handlers. Give a spanner to a monkey, it’ll find ingenious ways to use it. Give the same spanner to a dog and it goes from tool to toy. Use tools wisely.

There are countless tools dedicated to the daunting task of keyword research and there’s a greater pickup in tools for multilingual keyword research. Albeit a really promising trend, we should never believe tools can replace the work of a native expert in a given market.

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