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Events : Third Keynote confirmed for Internet Retailing Conference - 14 October 2015

Three sequential Keynotes open the conference under the theme of Directions

Considering how to set a direction for retail based on the experience of the last decade and the next stage of digitally-led transformation in retail - culminating in creating a direction for multichannel retailers for the coming decade.

Click here for further information on the full day's agenda and free workshops.

Showcasing the highlights of the Internet Retailing Conference 2015 - now in its tenth year ... by Chloe Rigby

In the run-up to Internet Retailing Conference 2015 we’re running a series of pieces showcasing the highlights of the event, now in its tenth year. Today our focus is on Stream 1, The Customer. By Chloe Rigby

Just as the customer is at the heart of today’s ecommerce and multichannel retailing, so too the customer is at the heart of Internet Retailing Conference 2015 (IRC ’15).

Technologies are now available to develop one-to-one relationships with the online customer in a way that’s never before been possible, and retailers are adopting them eagerly to develop new approaches to customer engagement. Throughout IRC 15 Stream 1, The Customer, merchants and industry professionals will consider the effect that new tools have had on retail strategy.

IRC 2015 will be held on October 14 at the Novotel, Hammersmith, London. To find out more or to register visit