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Nearly half of online ads miss target audience

Mobile tends to be more accurate than desktop when targeting narrower groups

Only 53% of ad impressions served in the UK were viewed by people of the age and gender advertisers intended, according to a study of more than 44,000 campaigns across 17 countries by measurement company Nielsen.

The accuracy of ad targeting varies widely by sector, with travel marketers currently the most likely to reach their desired audience in the UK (doing so 66% of the time) followed by entertainment (64%). On the other hand, FMCG (40%) and retail (42%) marketers are most likely to struggle hitting their target audience. 

“When the customer says yes, stop talking.” / Former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg

Publishers need to make it easier for advertisers to say yes

Guy Cookson is CMO and co-founder at Respond

For publishers, there remains a discrepancy between mobile traffic and digital ad revenue that comes from this source - Guy Cookson from Respond argues for more native formats across devices to balance this.

Billionaire former Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg says one of the best pieces of advice in business is this: “when the customer says yes, stop talking.” 

Well, it makes sense. If the deal is done, why complicate things? But that’s exactly what publishers have been doing in a big way since the explosion in mobile traffic over the last ten years.

Big brands want to advertise with big publishers

The fact is that big brands want to advertise with big publishers. It’s one of the only places they can reach the right people in the right environment. Yes, social media is wonderful for scale and targeting, but nothing quite beats being surrounded by high quality editorial. And yes, the brands as publishers phenomenon is real, but it’s mighty hard to attract a large audience to brand properties.