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Pointers about launching your pop-up store - Hotcow Experiential Marketing

If you’re opening a new store, you want to get people talking about it. In a world that’s so social media orientated, you want people to be tweeting, Instagramming and downright gushing about your pop-up store online, as well as to people in real life.

So if you’ve already got all the basics in place for and are ready for your launch party, here are a few top tips to make it a huge success. After all, if your event is a triumph, it’ll translate into paying customers.

How consumers are confusing sugar and fat - findings from the latest Grocery Eye study : Future Thinking

Consumers are confusing sugar and fat

-        56% of people have not changed their eating habits as a result of reported increased sugar levels in certain food and drink 

-        Making food cheaper is still the primary driver of making healthier choices with over half the population believing this

-        And with half of our respondents having been on a diet in the last year, attention is definitely drawn to what will assist weight loss and healthy eating

Findings from the Grocery Eye study, conducted by business intelligence consultancy, Future Thinking, show that the UK population is struggling to understand whether they should be cutting out sugar, fat or both from their diets. In general, there are clear attempts to focus more on sugar than fat. However, when it comes to active weight loss the decision making is reversed and cutting sugar gets left by the wayside in favour of reducing fat and portion sizes, despite sugar being the most significant factor in dieting success.

Research : 3/4 of online retailers promote irrelevant products, while others fail to build customer relationships that drive repeat purchases

New Research from OrderDynamics: Online Retailers Lose Sales Through Irrelevant Promotions, Poor Follow-Up with Shoppers

Survey underscores retail’s disconnects: 3/4 of online retailers promote irrelevant products, while others fail to build customer relationships that drive repeat purchases

Nearly three-quarters of online retailers (74 percent) miss out on sales by promoting irrelevant items to online shoppers, according to new research from OrderDynamics. As retailers prepare for the crucial holiday shopping season, many could be driving customers away by promoting irrelevant products, failing to build customer relationships through intelligent follow-up, and ignoring consumer preferences on end-to-end order tracking.

“Our message to retailers is simple: customer relationships are theirs to win or lose, and retailers must focus on these disconnects in their customers’ experiences to succeed during the vital holiday push. They must use data more intelligently and effectively in order to engage and win shoppers”