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[Case Study] ... Cold calling is dead……. Long live hot calling

  Colin McKellar, Director at Every Cloud Digital writes

As many of my contacts will know, I launched Every Cloud Digital around 6 months ago and I am more than happy to admit, I was scared. All of my working life I have been employed and the thought of no regular salary filled me with trepidation. 

I’ve been in sales for over 20 years and have done my fair share of cold calling from newspapers and Yellow Pages (remember them!). I will never forget the feeling of despondency if you had the temerity to tell your sales manager that you had no leads only to see a huge phone book being thrown in your direction, it’s pages already well thumbed.

Bespoke Newsletter Free Trial : How to reach B2B prospects, influencers and buyers on a regular basis and entertain them at the individual level

Have you ever considered setting up a bespoke newsletter for your material which you could send to prospects on a regular basis?

You can have a newsletter similar to this for your operation.

     A constantly updated review of the latest articles in your sector including your own material. 

  • You can use it as very powerful, totally up to date newsletter. A real winner.
  • It allows your company to be seen as the industry guru.
  • All of this is achieved by our team saving you vital management time
  • Lead Forensics and our special newsletter tracking provide regular results for you - potential orders
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“Content is king.” – Bill Gates

If you want to get a free trial of your bespoke newsletter and have a conversation about what is involved please just call me Will Corry on 01784 434 412

The other huge advantage of this idea is - your outlay will be very reasonable.How does only £285 per issue (monthly) sound? You can have a weekly bespoke newsletter for only £175 per issue.

Newslettered is flexible. Use it in short bursts for events, product launches etc.

Building a bespoke newsletter for you through engaging content – Will Corry, the UK Content Curator + Great Brand Journalism. 
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