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What is the Future for Technology at Events?

Our founder, Mark Jones, shares some insights into the Future of Event Technology joining other thought leaders on 'Events Uncovered TV'. You can watch the full interview here or see some of the highlights listed below. 

• Technology is a great enabler for creating great experiences and conveying large amounts of information and presenting all your sales & marketing information in an engaging way. 

• Technology will undoubtedly play an increasingly important role in the Events, Exhibition and Conference industry. 

• The key is to keep it simple, make the content relevant to your delegates and above all make it easy and fun for them to engage and interact with you. 

• You don't have to be afraid of technology, especially if you choose an experienced supplier who understands what you are hoping to achieve. It helps to clearly define your objectives. The better the brief, the better the outcome. 

• If you have never used a certain technology before or are uncertain of the outcome, make sure you choose an experienced supplier who can offer you a full installation & support service for complete peace of mind. 

• There are many applications of technology, so focus on the core message you wish to convey and the outcome you desire. To make it easier, look at the digital content and resources you already have and start from there. 

• Everything and anything is possible using certain touchscreen solutions today, from showcasing a website, running the latest Apps, sharing live social media, presenting floorplans & programmes or sending digital brochures or news to attendees & saving money on print costs as part of a 'green agenda'. 

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"Mark is so well connected within the industry; it wasn't a problem to integrate their technology into all our existing partner platforms. It literally only took them 24 hours from phone call to full onsite deployment to surprise and delight all our delegates".

MARIA SCHUETT, Head of Marketing at Central Hall Westminster, London 



Giant Smartphones & Tablets.

To be effective, these would not only have to work in exactly the same way as the hand held devices we all use every day, but to also allow our customers to use, repurpose and share exactly the same digital content they have already created without the need for any changes. 

The result was both a familiar and a versatile touchscreen presentation solution offering 'Guaranteed Digital Engagement', every time. 

Whilst our business has been deployed into many vertical markets such as Retail, Corporate, Banking, Education & Health, it is the appetite within the Events sector for positive user experience and visitor engagement which set us on our trajectory to achieve triple-digit growth over the last 12 months. 

Of course it helps to have worked with 1 in 5 'FTSE 100' companies and won several prestigious awards, but it is our Partner Programme which has enabled us to achieve a global reach quickly and set benchmarks which the events industry is keen to follow here in other territories around the World.



"This innovation has been a global success allowing users anywhere in the world to showcase their digital content on Giant Smartphones. Innovation like this is a huge advantage to event organisers who want to increase attendee interaction & engagement."

JAMES MORGAN CSEP, Founder, Event Tech Lab 



Why not become one of our Partners?

We have a 'Partner Reward Programme' for agencies and stand builders booking on behalf of their clients and a full 'License Agreement' for AV rental companies wishing to purchase our cutting-edge technology and earn extra rental revenue from existing event customers. 

Giant iTabs also comes with a full warranty and support plan which enables your teams to get the most out of this opportunity from the very start. 

We will be exhibiting & 'official suppliers' to IMEX, America again this year. This is where it all started for us in 2015, with an invitation to share our Giant iTab technology with a few AV rental companies in the USA, under a shared revenue plan. 

With a target of 12 months, we were delighted to break-even in only 4 months and now have a growing group of international partners offering their event customers added value engagement and earning money from our award-winning technology at the same time. 

For more information about becoming a partner please contact and tell him a little about yourselves.



"I was first introduced to the family of Giant iTab products at the 2015 ISES Live Conference in New Orleans, and immediately recognized its potential. 

After forming a partnership to make this new technology available to our own customers, the Giant iTabs have quickly become one of our most popular products & the head office team are always on hand to support all our events. 

With current plans to further expand our regional inventory in the coming months, this technology will continue to redefine and elevate the use of interactive live event technology for many years to come"

JOHN HUMPHRIES, CSEP, Past President ILEA, Las Vegas Chapter, USA Founder: Earth Water Sky 

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