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Research : Cost of Christmas gift giving nears £25 billion ... RadiumOne

Britons are planning a £24.4 billion Christmas gift shopping spree, with 760.4 million* gifts set to be shared on the big day

According to new research from marketing technology experts RadiumOne, 98% of people over 16 years of age will give Christmas presents this year, spending on average £489.04.

The most generous gift givers are 25-34 year olds (averaging £665) and those living in London (£767), while, regionally, people in Yorkshire & the Humber will spend the least (£378). People earning at least £80,000 a year will spend £1,608 on presents compared to £329 by those earning under £20,000. Top Graphic by Shutterstock

How to make sure your infographics engage and inform audiences / Sarah Maloy

Creating Engaging Infographics that Educate and Inspire Audiences

Sarah Maloy, Social Media Manager at Shutterstock

One of the greatest benefits of being a business in the digital age is the ability to use data to make products better. Infographics engage and inform audiences when executed well, but ensuring that they are created in a way to keep consumers interested on a regular basis can be a challenge for brands. We’ve put together the following tips to help your business better communicate with audiences and increase engagement.